Want to Start an Email List?

I've created step-by-step videos to guide you with set-up and ready to send your first email in less than an hour.

  • Get an overview of two of the most popular email marketing platforms so you can have an educated decision on what to get.

  • Learn what information you need to be compliant with Anti-Spam and GDPR laws.

  • Learn how to easily import your business contacts to your email new email marketing platform.

  • Learn how to the create landing pages and forms to capture new subscribers to your email list.

  • Learn how to create your first automated email sequences and other automation features.

Take a Peek at What's Inside!

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • A message from Jamar
  • 2
    Choose an Email Provider
    • Mailchimp Vs. ConvertKit
    • Get ConvertKit - 14 Day Free Trail
    • Sign Up For MailChimp
  • 3
    • ConvertKit Overview
    • Staying Legal in ConvertKit
    • How to Import Current Subscribers to ConvertKit
    • How to Start Capturing New Subscribers In ConvertKit
    • Sending Your First Email Broadcast in ConvertKit
    • Creating Your First Email Sequence in ConvertKit
    • Creating an Automation Rule in ConvertKit
    • Creating a Visual Automation in ConvertKit
  • 4
    • Mailchimp Overview
    • Creating a List & Staying Legal in MailChimp
    • How to Import Subscribers to your list in Mailchimp
    • Creating Your First Landing Page In Mailchimp
    • Creating and Embedding Lead Capture Forms in MailChimp
    • Sending Your First Email in MailChimp
    • Creating an Automated Email Campaign in Mailchimp
  • 5
    Next Steps...
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you

Meet Your Instructor

  • Jamar Diggs

    Jamar Diggs

    Owner, Social Media + Brand Strategist at J Diggs Media

    I always say people don’t buy with their eyes, they buy with their hearts. And I just know your customers are going to love you. They just need to know who you are. With the right systems, strategy, and support you’ll be on your way to use your personal brand to drive traffic online.